Current Openings:

We look for highly motivated students and researchers to join us. Should you choose to join LAMB@CUHK, you will work on high impact interdisciplinary research topics, ranging from optics and mechanics to biology and medicine. Positioned for making cutting-edge research innovations, LAMB lab actively collaborates with world leading laboratories (e.g., MIT, Stanford, UIUC, Johns Hopkins, UConn in the United States; Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University in China). After rigorous research training, Prof. Zhou will support students and researchers for academic exchanges with collaborating labs. Preferred academic backgrounds for candidates include but not limited to Biomedical Engineering, Optical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Precision Instrument, Control and Automation, and related areas. If you have an interest in joining our lab, please do not hesitate to contact the lab PI Prof. Renjie Zhou at rjzhou at cuhk dot edu dot hk with your CV and a short self-introduction to facilitate our communication. Currently, we have the following openings:

(1) Our lab has 1-2 postdoc positions open. The candidates are expected to have a solid background in optics/photonics, especially in optical imaging, as evidenced by a strong journal publication record. This contract is renewable subject to performance. Check here for more details

(2) Our lab has a 2-year Postdoc Fellow position support by Shun Hing Institute of Advanced Engineering. The candidates are expected to have a solid background in optics/photonics, especially in biophotonics, biomedical optics and biomedical imaging, as evidence by a strong journal publication record. We offer very competitive salary to successful candidate (up to 40-50k USD/year depending on qualifications). This contract is renewable subject to performance. The successful candidate will be appointed as a Shun Hing Fellow. The application deadline is April 30, 2019.

(3) Our lab has 2 internship positions to graduates from local universities (i.e., Bachelor, Master or PhD degree received from a university in Hong Kong). The maximum monthly internship allowance is HK$18,000 for graduates with a Bachelor’s degree and HK$21,000 for graduates with a Master’s or higher degree. The interns are expected to focus on developing precision optical imaging/metrology instruments. Candidates with background in at least one of the following areas are highly encouraged to apply. (i) Imaging systems and image processing; (ii) Optical system instrumentation, (iii) Precision mechanics, (iv) Control systems, (v) Hardware and software programming. The positions will start immediately. Please send your full CV/Resume to Prof. Zhou. Check here for more details.

(4) Our lab has 1-2 PhD openings for Fall 2020 with full scholarship (~ 17,000 HK$ monthly stipend). Students are welcome to contact Prof. Zhou to indicate his/her interests, but official application procedures should be followed (click here for official application procedures). If you have any questions regarding application requirements and/or filling up the online application forms, please contact Ms. Joyce Chan at joyce dot chan at cuhk dot edu dot hk. Prof. Zhou will recommend exceptional candidates to apply for the prestigious Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) (25,100 HKD/month stipend, approximately 3218 USD/month + conference travel allowance of 12,600 HK$/year + tuition waiver + 20,000 HKD relocation award). Before your application to HKPFS, please consult with Prof. Zhou first for eligibility. Click here for the past HKPFS workshop

(5) We also constantly look for motivated undergraduate students for final year projects or summer projects with the prospect of joining LAMB lab as PhD students in the future

(6) Short-term researchers at different levels

Why Joining Us?

(1) LAMB Lab@CUHK is young and fast growing; we focus on improving life quality by developing cutting-edge technologies in laser metrology and laser biomedicine

(2) Our Department is the first Biomedical Engineering Department in Hong Kong, and we expect to significantly expand and grow in the near future

(3) CUHK is one of the two comprehensive universities in Hong Kong that have medical schools; biomedical engineering research aligns well with CUHK's strategic focus

(4) CUHK is a leading research university in China and Asia, and it is also well recognized internationally (consistently placed around top 50 in the world at different rankings)

(5) CUHK is a bilingual (English and Chinese) university, and we embrace different cultures and respect diversities (with a large body of international students from all over the world)

Welcome to join LAMB Lab!