High-standard Microscopes and Objectives:

  • Fully Automated Microscope: Zeiss Axio Observer 7
  • Inverted Microscope: Zeiss Axio Vert.A1 TL
  • High Numerical Aperture Objectives (immersion or immersion free)

High-performance Cameras:

  • High Speed Camera: Photron Fastcam Sa-x2
  • High Resolution Camera: Optronis CP90-25P-M-72 Machine Vision Camera
  • High Electron-Well-depth Camera: Adimec Q-2HFW-Hm/CXP-0.4
  • High Performance Microscope Camera: Zeiss Axiocam 503 Mono

MEMS Devices

  • Digital Micromirror Device: Texas Instruments DLP 9000 and DLP6500
  • Deformable Mirror: Thorlabs DMP40/M-P01

Light Sources:

  • Supercontinuum laser: NKT SuperK Exr 15 and the filter package SuperK SELECT
  • Regular 633 nm and 532 nm lasers and microscope lamps

Other Lab Facilities

  • High Performance Microscope Workstation: ZEISS Workstation Mid-Range ZEISS 55A R2
  • High Resolution Spectrometer: Ocean Optics HR4000CG-UV-NIR
  • Home-built Quantitative Phase Microscopes
  • High-stability and High-performance Optical Tables

Shared Departmental Facilities for Cell Culture and Characterization

  • Biosafety Cabinet: Thermo Scientific Forma 1300 series A2 4 ft BSC
  • CO2 Incubator: Thermo Scientific Midi 40 CO2 incubator
  • Centrifuge: Thermo Scientific Sorvall ST 8
  • Compact Spectrophotometer and Fluorometer
  • Bench-top Flow Cytometry
  • Various refrigerators