Research Overview

Current Research Areas

  • Bio-photonics and bio-imaging; Optical interferometric imaging; Quantitative phase imaging; Optical diffraction tomography; Solving inverse scattering problems, machine-learning in optical imaging; etc.
  • Our current research projects include: (1) Developing advanced optical diffraction tomography techniques; (2) Building novel high sensitivity interferometric microscopy systems; (3) Integrate state-of-the-art machine learning techniques with our lab developed imaging instruments.

Research Highlights

Digital micromiror device-based imaging

C. Kuang et al, "Digital micromirror device-based laser-illumination Fourier ptychographic microscopy," Opt. Express 23, 26999-27010 (2015)

Quantitative phase imaging

B. Bhaduri et al., "Diffraction phase microscopy: principles and applications in materials and life sciences,” Adv. Opt. Photon. 6, 57-119 (2014)

Optical tomography

T. Kim*, R. Zhou*, et al., “White light diffraction tomography of unlabelled live cells,” Nat. Photon. 8, 256-263 (2014)

Semiconductor wafer defect inspection

R. Zhou, et al., "Detecting 20 nm Wide Defects in Large Area Nanopatterns Using Optical Interferometric Microscopy", Nano Letters 13 (8), 3716-3721 (2013)

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